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"Worth your Money$$$: You get your money's worth at Unbeatables; they don't skimp on the meats and cheeses, and the sandwiches are HUGE! Unbeatables has a good variety/combination of sandwiches (better than Subway) and the soups and chili are popular, too. They also have party subs and trays which are reasonably priced."

"I think you guys do a GREAT job!"

"Great: man o man those are the best subs I have ever eaten, there way better than subway by far... and the employees are the nicest around. I have never had a bad experience there."

"Customer service excellent!"

"Stay just as you are - the BEST subs!"

"Been coming here for over 25 years. Don't ever close!"

"I just wanted to let know, I was in last Saturday and ordered a chocolate malt. I told the young lady I'd like it easy on the chocolate syrup but heavy on the malt as I've done several times at other locations. To my complete delight, it was absolutely incredible!!!!! I have been searching for a good chocolate malt (like the frozen ones you get at the ball park) for many years. I was so pleased that as we pulled away I made my husband stop so I could go back in and tell her how much I enjoyed it!"

"Very friendly employees! Excellent service. Great meal."

"I have been going to Unbeatables for over 20 years. The best sub sandwich I have ever had! Everything is fresh! Soups are great. Several long-term very friendly staff."

"Love your food! Don't change anything!"

"Unbeatables is excellent!"

"Unbeatables has been excellent since I was in grade school."

"Keep great food and people working here."

"You have the best sandwiches - no room for improvement!"

"Everything is great. I've been eating the food since I was 10 years old and I'm 36 years old now."

"I think you do everything just wonderful!"

"Love your food... don't change anything."

"Customer service excellent."

"Been coming here for over 20 years. Don't change anything."

"I love this place."

"Unbeatables has been around for almost 30 years. They make the best sub sandwiches, with lots of meat. Everything is fresh and delicious. Homemade chili and Chicken Noodle soup. Ice Cream Specialties. Everything is great.. . including a very friendly and efficient staff!"